Part # 14969880000


Model: S410SX


Compressor Cover Configuration: Cat Style Slip Coupling


Compressor Wheel Technology: Forged Milled


Compressor Wheel Outside Diameter:105mm


Compressor Wheel Inducer: 78mm


Turbine Wheel O.D. (Inducer): 96mm


Turbine Housing A/R: 1.32


Turbine Housing Configuration: Non-wastegated 


Estimated HP*: 600





BW Part Number: * 1496 988 0000
OEM Part Number: RE555718
Manufacturer: BWTS USA
Vehicle: Diverse
Engine: 6135
From: 5/1/2014


SKU: 14969880000


    -360 Degree thrust system enhances turbochargers durability to help get the most out of your investment 

    -Forged milled compressor wheel technology (FMW) for increased component strength and life cycle 

    -Optimized compressor stage and extended top compressor wheel technology for efficient airflow and improves throttle response.